Adjusting Solutions

Adjusting Solutions is a very

unique company that is working

with a new and challenging

paradigm. We have two

customers that need our

services. We are committed to

provide the claims management

companies with professional

claims adjusters and we are

committed to mentor the new

claims adjuster while they are

getting the vital experience

needed to provide the quality

that is required by the

management companies.

Our Commitment Provide the insurance industry and the insured with the best trained insurance adjusters possible. We feel that proper training includes adjuster skills, computer skills, continuing education, and above all continuous customer service training. Claims adjusting is challenging, particularly if performed correctly. Competent and professional handling of claims is the rightful expectation of millions of policyholder in America as well as for the insurance carriers. Both sectors need and deserve someone with more than just a license on a piece of paper. When adjusters fulfill these expectations, the process is personally satisfying and professionally rewarding!
Building a cohesive team of like-minded Professionals